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Guest Blog

And so it began.......... Langland Masters swim the Hellespont

By Michelle Massy , 29 September, 2015

Approximately 4yrs ago our coach of Langlands Masters started talking about The SwimTrek Darndanelles, a few doubts and question, could we can we, could we make the swim distance could we organise to get to Turkey?? So we did, waited till midnight in Feb 2015 and we all signed up to swim! 13 in total! 6 months later plans sorted and we were off on our trek to Turkey. A week in Istanbul and a few dips in the Bosphorus from Old Town then on to Ecebet on the ferry to Cannakkale! Oh my goodness could we really swim across this channel??? SwimTrek welcome drinks and and organisation was fantastic. The ferry ride to explain the navigation was invaluable. This is not to say there weren't some nervous tummies on Saturday night before the swim. Loved meeting everyone and chatting and beers and wine, however the morning of the swim not much was said. The ferry ride over to the start to join all the yellow caps...... The local Turks! No time for nerves now......boom we were off. We decided we would swim in groups of the lanes we train in. Slow medium and fast. We had our points, the radio tower the flag a little house then that exit ramp!! What a beautiful fantastic swim! Not for the faint of heart but also not only for the speedy guys. Out faster swimmers in the squad blitzed it, the medium (myself) stopped a few times for barings and to admire the glorious view and history of what we were doing. The slower were head down tail up on a mission. All 13 said members finished successfully however not without many tears and hugs and a few podiums! This felt like a swim of a lifetime and we still Can't stop talking about. Organised fantastically right down to the medal the towel the shirt the slippers for the ferry. Magical!!!!!! SwimTrek we will be seeing you again!!

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