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Shelli Whitfeld @shelli_whitfeld




Swim history before SwimTrek At five years old I joined my first swim club in Satellite Beach Florida, the Cape Coast Swim Team. If I wasn't in the ocean, I was in the pool. For the next fifteen years, I was a member of eight different swim teams crossing the United States from Florida to California back to the steps of the Pentagon in Washington, DC. Swimming highlights include at the age of 12 I broke the minute mark in the 100m freestyle, and stormed on from there to qualify for the US Olympic Trials in the 50 and 100m freestyle. I never made it to Seoul or Barcelona but I have swum with many exceptional people who did. My professional, competitive swimming career ended when I graduated from High School and decided to focus on education. In the past five years I started competitively swimming again, training around the world with teams such as 'the Bold and the Beautiful' in Australia and competing in races such as the Eton Swim at Dorney Lake, the Great London Swim in the Royal Victoria Docks, and the local Swim Around the Pier in Brighton. I recently spent 6 months travelling in South America and have been through, over and under waterfalls as well in glaciers. I am currently living in Paris researching the amazing pools and waters here. Most memorable swim moment Keeping swimming pace at the side of a whale shark for 15-20 minutes (or a good mile) off the coast of the Isla del Espiritu Santo in Baja, California. Top swimming tip Always pace oneself for the distance (and make sure that you can see it with excellent goggles). The challenge of a natural sprinter like me is that we like to be bold and go for it at the beginning. Keep the adrenaline and excitement in check. It makes for a better swim result and overall experience. Interesting fact I am a fully trained and qualified Body Therapist specialising in Relaxation Massage.

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