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Anna-Carin Nordin @anna-carin_nordin

52 year old female


Swims 1km in 15 minutes


SwimTrek Miles


My name is Anna-Carin Nordin but most people call me Anna. I have been swimming my whole Life. I started swimming for a swim club at 6 years old and my longest time out of the water has been during a long and nasty cold or the 3 weeks after giving birth to my son Erik, I just love swimming. After my son was born I started my journey as an open water swimmer. I did a WC race in Copenhagen before I went to Dover. From there I started on my Seven Oceans journey. From 2010 to 2013 I was the first female to finish the Seven Oceans and second person in the World. In 2018 I got nominated to the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame. 2018 l swam around Isle of Man 140k in 6 days 36h 48min. And Loch Ness 11h 37min. This year Trippel Crown, Three Crown and a week laiter 30k ow in Antibes.