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Why a Liveaboard Experience in Egypt Should Be Your Next SwimTrek Adventure

By Olivia Weatherill , 21 November, 2017

Like the sound of stunning clear waters, abundant varied wildlife and sailing, swimming and snorkelling all packed in to one amazing trip? SwimTrek’s already impressive roster is expanding further into the Middle East, and returning to the stunning waters of Egypt in March 2018. But this amazing location is only going to be enhanced as our home for the week is the grand M/Y Dreams, a vessel particularly designed for small tour groups. A floating hotel, restaurant and social club, a liveaboard offers a unique way to enjoy a week on the water, all situated in the iconic Red Sea. Here’s 7 reasons why you should join us this Spring.


Fantastic facilities on board the M/Y dreams

Enjoy a comfortable, picturesque stay on one of the highest quality fleet of liveaboard boats in the Red Sea. The bedrooms are spacious for a boat of its size, feature ensuites and provide you with towel and bathrobes. The lounge area offers the perfect place to meet with your fellow trip mates and discuss the wonders you’ve seen during the day. There’s also a library should you bear to tear yourself away from the views on the sea.


You’re never away from the action

When travelling to the location of your swims, you are already starting on the water and primed and waiting to spot any sights or wildlife on the way. With your floating home for the week never too far away, comfort is readily available in between your swims. And at night, you can be sure of never missing any nocturnal movements in the water as it is all just outside your window. Being able to fall asleep to the lapping waves against the boat is a sound and feeling you can’t replicate and you certainly won’t forget.


Spend less time travelling

… and more time enjoying swimming, snorkelling and diving; all the best that Egypt has to offer! That and the added bonus of only having to unpack once whilst seeing so many areas, all with the comfort of your accommodation just being a few strokes away.


A way to reach remote areas

Being based on the water for the duration of your holiday gives you the opportunity to have amazing destinations within easier reach of your doorstep, without having to worry about booking onto a boat tour on a specific day. The swim routes that SwimTrek offers feature some truly remote swimming locations. Reefs such as the Siyul Islands are much less frequently visited and so gives you the great chance of enjoying unspoilt, secluded swimming spots.


Coral and marine life

The area we are based in the Red Sea offers an unprecedented amount of opportunities for viewing and swimming with some fantastic marine life. Blue spotted rays and Napoleon wrasses feature in the Sha’ab el Erg as well as sharks, dolphins, turtles and schools of fish adding to the colourful underwater pallet of the region. This is also a great area for corals as many species live and grow here. During the week we have the chance visit the breath-taking Careless Reef where coral towers skim the surface of the water, a fantastic sight for any flora and fauna lovers, as opportunities like this are plentiful in these waters.


Opportunities for diving and snorkeling

The Sea Serpent fleet of liveaboards that the M/Y Dreams is part of are fully geared up and ready for diving adventures. You can experience lost underwater worlds, ranging from exploring the Sha’ab Abu Nuhas reef, which features 7 shipwrecks and is a treasure-trove for discovering this deserted to snorkelling along the Sha’ab Rur um Gamar reef where Eagle Rays are known to congregate and there is the potential to spot the giant clams that are found along the walls of the reef.


Intimate unique living experience

This is a holiday accommodation experience like no other. The intimacy of a small group on a boat like this gives you the opportunity to build close bonds with your fellow guests on the trip and hopefully lasting friendships. The bunk style dorm rooms offer a cosy, relaxed atmosphere, and by the end of the week, the crew and guests will feel like family.


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Thanks for sharing your adventure. Can you actually scuba dive during the swim trek or need to wait till after the tour?

posted about 4 years ago