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Accommodation: Tiki Inn - Lithuania

The accommodation

In the quiet town of Paluse, and only a few metres away from the waters edge, is our home for the duration of our Lakes of Lithuania trip, The Tiki Inn.

This Hawaiian themed guesthouse will make you feel incredibly welcome on your stay, where you'll enjoy home cooked meals, a host of trails and walks around the forest right on your doorstep and of course many stunning lakes and rivers to swim in. Set in a beautiful location right at the heart of the Aukštaitija National Park, the Tiki Inn looks directly out to Lake Lusiai, and is in very close proximity to lakes such as Lake Dringis, Asalnai and Baluošas.

With so much to see in and out of the water, this is certainly a trip for lovers of the outdoors!

swimming_holidays_lithuania_tiki_inn_front_view swimming_holidays_lithuania_tiki_inn_terrace swimming_holidays_lithuania_tiki_inn_side_terrace swimming_holidays_lithuania_tiki_inn_sauna

Hotel Facilities

  • Bedrooms to accommodate up to 32 people
  • Shared bathrooms on each floor
  • Communal living area
  • Kitchen facilities with home cooked meals made daily
  • Hot tubs and sauna
  • Kayaks and paddleboards available


Standard Twin Share Room - with shared bathroom

swimming_holidays_lithuania_tiki_inn_standard_twin swimming_holidays_lithuania_tiki_inn_standard_twin_room

Room 7, Easter Island - twin/double with ensuite bathroom

swimming_holidays_lithuania_tiki_inn_easter_island_room swimming_holidays_lithuania_tiki_inn_easter_island_lounge swimming_holidays_lithuania_tiki_inn_easter_island_table swimming_holidays_lithuania_tiki_inn_easter_island_terrace

Room 8, Marquesas - double for solo use with shared bathroom

swimming_holidays_lithuania_tiki_inn_marquesas_room swimming_holidays_lithuania_tiki_inn_marquesas_full_room swimming_holidays_lithuania_tiki_inn_marquesas_lounge swimming_holidays_lithuania_tiki_inn_marquesas_shared_bathroom

Room 9, Fiji - two single beds for solo use and a shared bathroom

Room 10, Tahiti - double with ensuite bathroom

swimming_holidays_lithuania_tiki_inn_tahiti_room swimming_holidays_lithuania_tiki_inn_tahiti_entrance swimming_holidays_lithuania_tiki_inn_tahiti_lounge swimming_holidays_lithuania_tiki_inn_tahiti_bed_with_ensuite swimming_holidays_lithuania_tiki_inn_tahiti_bathroom

Breakfast area

tiki inn dining table tiki inn dining table with windows tiki inn breakfast bar tiki inn full breakfast bar tiki inn breakfast bar length ways tiki inn breakfast bar close up

Communal area

tiki inn upstairs hallway tiki inn living room tiki inn living room projector tiki in rear living area tiki in full living area tiki inn living room from front tiki inn kitchen

Patio and outside area

tiki inn sauna tiki inn sauna and hot tubs tiki inn side patio tiki inn fire pit tiki inn full patio tiki inn patio furniture

Extra Activities

You can experience even more of the outdoors by trying your hand at some watersports or taking it easy relaxing in hammocks of the trees that surround the Tiki Inn. The Tiki Inn provides additional equipment including stand-up paddle boards, bicycles, canoes and hammocks. As a SwimTrek guest, you have access to this range of watersports equipment to use during the course of your trip at no extra charge. The use of this equipment can be arranged directly with the Tiki Inn staff during your stay.

Additional Nights' Accommodation

It is also possible to extend your stay in Lithuania by booking additional nights at the Tiki Inn. If you you require additional nights’ accommodation before or after the SwimTrek tour, this can be arranged directly through Matthew at the Tiki Inn via email: matas@tikiinn.com.