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Trip Diary

My Milos Adventure - July 2016

By Lisa Vaughan , 19 July, 2016

Though this is my eighth SwimTrek, I am always nervous at the first meeting. With me, are 5 great friends that I met on my first SwimTrek all those years ago. I think as I sit down, who are the other swimmers, will anyone swim like me, why didn't I train more,what are the plans for the week. I quickly put my thoughts aside as our fantastic guides, Trish and Saorla, describe the week ahead. Around the table are 5 nationalities and swimmers aged from 16 to 60. We start to get to know each other over delicious Greek food and wine, I can feel the day job fading into the background.

On the first day we met the lovely boat crew and head to the nearby island of Kimolos for some great swims, including the circumnavigation of a small island and some great coastal swimming. The water is clear and very warm, for someone like me, coming from Ireland. Over the next few days we swim mostly along the southern coast of Milos. The island is volcanic and its geology can be see on land and in the sea. We swim into deserted beaches full of beautifully coloured pebbles, greens, pinks and white.I collect some to bring home. We swim past sheer rock faces and tiny coves where our only companions are the sea birds. At times the water is calm and clear. The guides also give us the opportunity to do some more challenging swims with waves and wind. I always enjoy these and my fellow yellow caps group feels a great sense of accomplishment, under the watchful eye of Saorla, to get to the end of a tough swim.

Undoubtedly though the highlight of SwimTrek Milos were the swims around Kelftiko. There are white cliffs, sea arches, caves and turquoise water. Each cave brings its own delights, some have little beaches, some have windows, with incredible light streaming in, We get to swim through arches and explore. I envy my fellow swimmers with waterproof cameras. Being a cold water swimmer, I probably could have stayed there all day however a nice dinner, a beer and the football called. Once again, an amazing week. A big thank you to Trish for recommending this trip and we hope to be back again.


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