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SwimTrek News

Introducing SwimTrek's New Slogan...

By Chad Brown , 06 July, 2017


Three simple words that perfectly capture what SwimTrek is all about. Three words that represent the excitement, the adventure and the sense of achievement of a SwimTrek holiday. Three words that define each and every SwimTrekker; that describe who we are, what we do and why we keep on doing it.

But why these words? How did we choose them? What do they represent?

Let's take a closer look...


Swimming. It all starts here. It's at the heart of everything that we do. It's what defines us and makes us who we are.

We are SwimTrekkers. And we SWIM.

We swim in the mornings.

We swim in the evenings.

We swim by ourselves.

We swim with our friends.

We swim along coastlines.

We swim around islands.

We swim to connect.

We swim to escape.

Swimming is where the SwimTrek journey begins. And it's what leads us to...


Exploring. It's what draws us to the open water. It's what excites us about new destinations. It's what motivates us to jump on a plane to some far-flung location and then immerse ourselves in the water and see what we can find.

We are SwimTrekkers. And we EXPLORE.

We explore the waters of our own backyard.

We explore the waters of distant seas.

We explore craggy coastlines and scattered islands.

We explore colourful reefs and hidden coves.

We explore the stunning beauty that exists above the water.

We explore the fascinating world that exists beneath the surface.

We explore to feel a sense of adventure.

We explore to feel alive.

Exploring is why we do it in the first place. And it's what leads us to...


Discovery. It's that unexpected bonus that keeps us coming back. It's learning something new about ourselves, or something new about the world. It's the sense that something magic happens to us every time we jump into the water. If exploring is why we got started, then discovery is why we keep going.

We are SwimTrekkers. And we DISCOVER.

We discover new locations.

We discover new cultures.

We discover a better way to see the world.

We discover that we're more capable than we thought.

We discover underwater vistas like we've never seen before.

We discover a sense of freedom that makes us feel like kids again.

We discover lifelong friends from across the globe.

We discover that we're happiest in the open water.

We are SwimTrekkers. And we...

Swim Explore Discover


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SwimTrek Beach Clean

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Elizabeth Kostiuk @swimtrekker11666

Love the new much better than the old one. Great job!!!

posted over 4 years ago