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Four ways to experience Croatia in 2016

By SwimTrek Team , 25 November, 2015

So you’re thinking of doing a SwimTrek trip to Croatia; you’ve been lured by the turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea, the countless islands and the stunning views but how do you decide which of our trips to do? SwimTrek now run four trips to Croatia, each one giving you the opportunity to experience the beauty of the island-studded Dalmatian coastline, the sheltered bays, the island crossings and the warm Mediterranean waters. The four trips are Kornati Islands Croatia (new for 2016), Long Swims Croatia , Croatian Dalmatian Coast and Croatian Dalmatian Coast (Short Swims) (also new for 2016). All are amazing and all will give you a holiday you’ll never forget.

To make your choice, you first of all need to decide what kind of daily distance you wish to swim. Are you keen on pushing yourself to longer daily distances? If you think you can swim 8K per day or longer then Long Swims Croatia is for you. At the other end of the spectrum, if you want a more leisurely holiday with a maximum of 3K per day swimming (and some interesting walking) then you should opt for our new trip, Croatian Dalmatian Coast (Short Swims). Easy choices! Long Swims Croatia, based on the island of Dugi Otok, will have you exploring the beautiful Kornati National Park, a Natura 2000 protected area famed for its barren islands and rich underwater communities. The Dalmatian Coast Short Swims tour, which is located a bit further south down the coast, has the same wonderful water clarity in the sea, and you also get the opportunity to do a spot of river swimming in the Krka River on the mainland.

If you are looking for something in the region of 4km per day, then it gets a little more complicated as both of the other Croatian trips are equally exciting, offering opportunities for coastal swims and island hopping. Our new trip to Kornati National Park, (Kornati Islands Croatia) should really appeal to those of you who are looking to explore the beautiful protected nature reserve of Kornati National Park. Its remote location will make you feel like you are on a real adventure as it is based on Dugi Otok, a long Island on the outer edge of the archipelago of islands in this region, and is reached by ferry from Zadar port on the mainland. We are running four trips there this year, one starting in late June, and then three successive trips from Late August onwards.

The other 4km per day trip is our popular and long established Croatian Dalmatian Coast tour based in Sali on the small island of Prvic Luka. It’s a short hop from the mainland, and not too far from Split. The swims involve a lot of island hopping, you touch on the edge of the Kornati National Park and you also have a possibility of a mainland river swim in case of bad weather. The Croatian Dalmatian Coast trips run throughout the entire season from June through to October so if you need a trip to tie in with school holidays, this is the one for you.

So, the decision is all yours! First decide on your daily distance to narrow down your options, then decide if you want to be a bit more remote or closer to the mainland. Bingo!

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