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Kelly Gentry @kelly_gentry


Swims 1km in 14 minutes


SwimTrek Miles


One of our most experienced guides, Kelly has worked on a wide range of SwimTrek trips, but is unable to choose a favourite "because they all really offer a unique challenge, scenery, or culture!" Kelly grew up swimming for a USS club team in California which solidified her love of swimming. She began coaching club-level swimmers at a young age and then progressed to coaching masters, high school, and university swimmers. Her passion for coaching and competing transcends into other aquatic disciplines taking on water polo and eventually open water a few years later. Once swimming open water, she realized it could be a bit more fun and challenging away from the competitive pool scenes. She still competes in pool and open water events, but loves playing and snorkeling and checking out what's below too. This has lead to one of her most memorable swimming moments - successfully completing the 40+ mile SCAR swim in Arizona and inspring her to strive for other unique and challenging swims.

Kelly has been a guide on 124 previous trips

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Crete Escape - 15 May, 2016
E83eaf24dde80c3ddf036b959b3f75e3c1ed3b69 crete escape
Crete Escape - 08 May, 2016
E83eaf24dde80c3ddf036b959b3f75e3c1ed3b69 crete escape
Crete Escape - 01 May, 2016

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