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One-Day Swimming Trips

Pressed for time but still eager to join on a SwimTrek trip? Whether you are looking for swims close to home or that can fit within a longer holiday our One-Day Swimming Trips are fully escorted small group swims in wonderful locations.

From the challenging Gulf of Corryvreckan, to the more leisurely day trips along the River Thames or the iconic escape from Alcatraz, we have a day trip to suit all tastes!

River Thames

Swim the River Thames with us on this unique and peaceful tour along England’s longest river. Set amongst the beautiful English countryside, this one-day or two-day swimming tour gives you the chance to experience the River Thames from a completely new perspective. Discover a clean and healthy river, as well as some fantastic wildlife and historic sites along the picturesque stretch of water.

2 days
Day Trip

Gulf of Corryvreckan - Scotland

Take part in one of Scotland’s most iconic open water swims across the fabled Gulf of Corryvreckan. Situated to the north of Jura and lying just off Scarba’s southern shore, the Gulf is transformed into a whirlpool during both flood and ebb tides as the sea surrounds a pinnacle that rises to within 30 metres of the surface.

1 day
Day Trip