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Photo of the Month

Photo of the Month- May 2017

By Swimtrek , 31 May, 2017

May 2017 Winner!


This incredible photo was taken by Emma Bannerman while she was swimming around the shipwreck in the Maldives in April.

Second Place


Congratulations Julie on capturing this beautiful school of Long-Finabannerfish in the Maldives.

Third Place


Josh Sale took this great action shot of a sea lion playing in the Galapagos.

Fourth Place


Thank you Virginia Street for shooting this beautiful Maldivian sunset.

Fifth Place


Fifth place goes to our very own SwimTrek guide Coll who took this photo while guiding our trip in Montenegro

Thank you for sending in your incredible trip photos. We look forward to seeing your photos in the upcoming weeks and announcing another winner in June.


Photo of the Month- July 2017

Photo Of The Month This month we have been sent a huge amount of photos from guests and guides in locations around the world. Thank you for all your wonderful entries. We have chosen our winners below. WINNER! Beautiful image of Fleur Sohtz swimming out of the cave in the Greek Cyclades Second...

Photo of the Month- March 2017

March 2017 Winner! The winner of March's photo of the month is Chris Jordinson! He submitted some incredible entries but this photo stood out the most. The Galapagos seal is diving into the water as Chris takes the photo, such great timing. Second Place Our guest Devon Peavoy took this...

Photo of the Month- June 2017

June 2017 Winner! This photo was taken in The Maldives by Hupa Ibrahim via a drone. Great shot of all our guests aboard the MV Felicity. Second Place This photo is taken of our guide John Lester coaching in Mallorca last week on our Open water Coaching trip. Third Place We love this photo of...

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