Baja Peninsula, Mexico


Tour Highlights

 Swim alongside Sea Lions and discover the incredible marine life Baja has to offer.

 Enjoy tranquil beaches and discover isolated coves.

 Camp in a UNESCO protected area of unspoilt natural beauty.

 Swim in clear blue 27°C + waters.

 De-stress and unwind from the weight of modern day life.


Patricia Brennan
Trish joins us from Ireland where she is one of the countrys top lifesavers. A keen swimmer, Trish now specialises in the sport of lifesaving. She has trained both in Ireland and Australia and competes internationally with the Irish team in pool and surf lifesaving competitions.

Swim history before SwimTrek

Rarely a day goes by without Trish from Ireland getting in the water. She loves the buzz of open water swim races and the adventure of exploring the world from the water. She competes in the sport of lifesaving and loves taking part in all water sports activities.

She coaches competitive youth swimmers, masters, open water swimmers and lifesaving groups. She hosts video analysis swim sessions and is an experienced pool and beach lifeguard.


Locations guided on

Greece, Turkey, Sardinia, Mexico, Croatia, Finland (&Turkey and Croatia Short Swims)

Most memorable swim moment

Wategos to Main Beach, Byron Bay, Australia                     

This is a favourite swim I’ve done hundreds of times but in March 2013 after 3 days of travelling from Ireland to Australia I had my most memorable swim here. On arrival I cycled straight to the beach. I walked in the sun to Wategos and had the loveliest swim with friends and a turtle back to Main Beach. Having braved the chilly Irish waters with wetsuit and hood while surfing all winter the balmy waters were bliss.

Top swimming tip

Tempo trainer

A tempo trainer is a fantastic little machine for pool swimming. It is like a watch face that slips under your swim cap. You can set it to beat at different intervals. I try to be at the far end of the pool each time it beeps. It is very simple but the immediate feedback on your pace is a great motivation to try hard, particularly when training alone. I set the beeps 0.04 seconds faster each week which is barely noticeable but by the end of the year it should mean an 8 second improvement per 100metres.

Interesting fact about you

If Trish was a book she would be an atlas. She loves maps and travelling.