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Best Guided Tours Worldwide, Now or Never Girls Blog, USA.
Travel junkie blogger, Stephanie attended the Los Angeles Travel and Adventure Show and tell us about her favourite tours from the show. What she loved most is the uniqueness of the tours shown.
Six explorers who'll make you want to leave the office now, The Telegraph, UK.
Six travelers who have made it their life's mission to push the boundaries of human capability.
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From family resorts with great beaches to thrilling activity breaks and the coolest new hotels, this article has the pick of the best.
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learn how to find an apartment for a city break, go open-water swimming in Greece or take sample a MasterChef feast in London.
Get in the water on your next vacation, WestJet Up Magazine, USA
There was a time when the term “active traveller” meant someone who was willing to walk (occasionally) between the hotel and the casino instead of taking the sky tram. But lately, a new class of vacationers feels that if they’re not breaking a serious sweat, then they’re not really on holiday. And while bike touring, walking safaris and kayak trips are all popular options for the adventure prone, the new new thing is swim touring

Brighton: Schwimmverrückt, Sonntag Aktuell, Germany

Brighton - Strahlend blauer Himmel, der Wind bläst ordentlich aus Osten. Vor der südenglischen Küstenstadt Brighton tanzen die Wellen, die sich am Kiesstrand tosend brechen. Ein schöner Frühlingstag. Auf dem weltbekannten Pier spazieren die Ausflügler, in den Bars und Cafés sitzen Touristen und Einheimische, trinken ein Bier, einen Tee oder eine Latte. Im Windschatten und in der prallen Sonne hat die Luft geschätzt fast 20 Grad Celsius, das Wasser hingegen ist noch saumäßig kalt. Knapp zehn Grad, sagt Kate Todd und lacht ihr sympathisches Lachen. Dann zwängt sich die 42-jährige Britin in einen Neoprenanzug..............

Get set for summer: Wet, The Independent, UK

Kate Simon finds some extremely appealing getaway ideas

Going the Distance: How to Train for Extreme Sports, Wall Street Journal, USA

Working hard and training harder, amateur athletes discuss their workout regimes and what drives them

5 reasons to visit Mallorca this summer, Metro, UK
Five reasons to visit the rugged, stately charm of Mallorca, Grand Dame of the Balearics.

TOP 5: UNUSUAL HOLIDAYS, Suitcase Magazine, UK
From riding across the streets of Mongolia on a motorcycle, to horse riding in the USA’s Wild West and taking a one-week swimming tour, we hereby present you SUITCASE’s top five unique holidays to try this year…