Channel and Long Distance Training, Mallorca


Tour Highlights

 Structured technique analysis with leading open water swimming coaches.

 Focused training in open water.

 Ideal for English Channel training and other long distance swims.

 Meeting like minded participants in a wonderful training location.

 Video analysis in a pool.

 Optional 6 hour training swim.

 Preparation of a post-trip training plan.


Ferrera Beach

For your comfort on this coaching tour we have selected the Ferrera Beach apartments next to Cala Ferrera beach, in Cala d’Or. Perfectly suited to accommodate the long distance swimmer, these self-catering apartments offer a clean and modern home from home during your stay.

Breakfasts are included and the apartments are all equipped with wifi.



Cliff Golding

A former marathon runner whose life changed when he caught his first glimpse of the English Channel from the air. A solo Channel Swimmer who brings a wealth of open water experience to our trips. In 1981 Cliff was a 26 year old, very contented endurance athlete.

·     Swim history before SwimTrek

·      In the autumn of 1991 I decided I wanted to swim the Channel.  This was an odd decision as I was a skinny marathon runner with no previous experience as a swimmer save for a bronze certificate.  Six attempts and five years later I finally succeeded.  I did it again in 2003 and, in the six years until that second swim, I swam round Jersey three times, Lake Zurich three times and Windermere twice.  I am running marathons and ultras again but have dusted off the Speedos and am back in the pool.

Locations guided on

·       I have only guided on LDT tours.

Most memorable swim moment

·          Walking out onto Wissant Beach 13 hours and 17 minutes after I had walked into the sea off Shakespeare Beach in Dover to finally become a Channel swimmer.  It remains my most memorable, empowering moment in open water swimming.

Top swimming tip

·      When you think you can't, you can.  When you think you are at the end of your ability and endurance, you aren't.  Swim, swim and swim some more until you run out of sea or lake.  Then you may stop and bask in the glory of your achievement. 

Interesting fact about you

I write, I make art, I juggle, I used to ride a unicycle for fun, whilst juggling (but I also fell off a lot - so I don't do it anymore!)