Channel and Long Distance Training, Mallorca


Tour Highlights

 Structured technique analysis with leading open water swimming coaches.

 Focused training in open water.

 Ideal for English Channel training and other long distance swims.

 Meeting like minded participants in a wonderful training location.

 Video analysis in a pool.

 Optional 6 hour training swim.

 Preparation of a post-trip training plan.


Ferrera Beach

For your comfort on this coaching tour we have selected the Ferrera Beach apartments next to Cala Ferrera beach, in Cala d’Or. Perfectly suited to accommodate the long distance swimmer, these self-catering apartments offer a clean and modern home from home during your stay.

Breakfasts are included and the apartments are all equipped with wifi.



Cliff Golding

A former marathon runner whose life changed when he caught his first glimpse of the English Channel from the air. A solo Channel Swimmer who brings a wealth of open water experience to our trips. In 1981 Cliff was a 26 year old, very contented endurance athlete.

In 1981 Cliff was a 26 year old, very contented endurance athlete. Then he took up Channel swimming and ruined his life – The End!!! Noooo, that's a joke, honest. It definitely enriched his life - really!

Prior to becoming a swimmer in 1991, Cliff was an endurance athlete who only got wet when it rained. A satisfied marathon runner until one day he flew to Africa for a 6 month stint in Zimbabwe and not 30 minutes into the journey saw something that, ultimately, changed his whole outlook on life. It was a bright, clear January day and, as the plane flew over the English Channel, it banked revealing the splendour and beauty of both the English and French coasts, with the busiest shipping lane in the world in between.

In a time way before websites and internet, Cliff’s knowledge of people swimming the Channel was vague and the thought intrigued him. He figured that barring a disaster a marathon could always be finished, even if he walked. But swimming the English Channel, now that would be a challenge. Ten years after that flight Cliff decided to leave his comfort zone. He was going to be a Channel swimmer.

Six attempts and five years later, Cliff finally achieved his dream and became a Channel swimmer learning so many life enhancing things in the process. Now, seventeen years after he timidly (and admittedly petrified!) took those first tip toe steps into the sea in Dover harbour, and with two successful solo Channel swims, three Lake Zurich, two Lake Windermere and three round Jersey swims under his belt, he reckons he know’s what you have to do achieve the 'improbable'. And, far more importantly, what you shouldn't do.

Long distance, open water swimming is an extreme sport, make no mistake. It is also empowering, enlightening, wonderful and cathartic -splendiferous in fact. It's also about balance - cross training, stretching, resting. Whether you want to swim the Channel, or just a mile from one island to another, if you take the ride, boy, will you have fun.

Anna Wardley

In September 2013 Anna Wardley became the fourth person to swim 56-miles around the Isle of Wight, and the first in almost three decades, completing the circumnavigation in 26 hours and 33 minutes. As the culmination of her Five Island Swim Challenge, the Isle of Wight swim made her one of just nine Britons in the 24-hour club, those who have swum non-stop for more than 24 hours in open water.

Anna took up swimming in 2006 when she was 31 with a mission to swim the Channel after reading a newspaper article about someone who had done just that. Ignoring those who told her it was an unrealistic goal for someone who had never swam more than a kilometre and could only swim breaststroke, she set about preparing herself for her first open water event, four miles around Brownsea Island in Poole harbour, a massive challenge at the time.

Despite an unsuccessful Channel attempt the following year when she was pulled out a couple of miles from the French coast after 14.5 hours and rushed to hospital, she achieved her goal in 21 hours and 20 minutes on her second attempt in 2009 and was awarded the Channel Swimming Association’s Van Audenaerde trophy for the greatest feat of endurance as a result.
Since then 38-year-old Anna has completed a range of swims including the Gibraltar Straits, the Midmar Mile in South Africa, the Cabrera Channel in Spain, the Hellespont Strait and a 21-mile Double Windermere raising in excess of £50,000 for her chosen charities in the process.
In 2012 Anna embarked on her Five Island Swim Challenge, a project which saw her attempt to swim 150 miles around Dragonera (Spain), Portsea (UK), Jersey (Channel Islands), Tiree (Inner Hebrides) and the Isle of Wight (UK) over two years.
She successfully completed all the islands except her bid to be the first to swim round Tiree, a challenge she aborted due to the extreme cold and lion’s mane jellyfish after covering 22 miles in 16 hours in August 2013.
In June 2012 she became the first person to swim solo around Portsea Island (13 miles) under the British Long Distance Swimming Association’s rules, a particularly memorable swim that required a huge amount of planning and permission-seeking as she had to swim through one of the UK’s busiest commercial and naval harbours.
Having completed her Five Island Swim Challenge, Anna is now focusing on running her communications business and sharing her swimming experiences with others through public speaking, writing and organising fundraising swims on behalf of charities. She is also looking forward to returning to Mallorca to work for SwimTrek for a second year as a guide on its long distance training camps.
As a relative newcomer to open water swimming, Anna loves to support others in achieving their goals and to see people pushing themselves to exceed their own expectations. She also enjoys sharing her experience of dealing with unsuccessful attempts, organising her own swims and logistics, fundraising and sponsorship, and helping people to find their own way of preparing for big swims. Having had so much support in realising her own goals, she now feels very privileged to be able to help others to fulfil their own ambitions, whatever they might be.

Kevin Murphy

Kevin Murphy has swum the English Channel an incredible 34 times, more than any other man in history. He completed his channel swim in 1968 and in 1970 he became the first Briton to complete a double crossing of the English Channel.

Kevin Murphy has swum the English Channel an incredible 34 times, more than any other man in history. He completed his channel swim in 1968 and in 1970 he became the first Briton to complete a double crossing of the English Channel.

But Kevin is far from a one trick pony having also completed the 2 way Lake Windermere, Santa Catalina, Manhattan Island Marathon and North Channel (N.Ireland - Scotland) swims.

His extensive swimming experience has also led to him being inducted in the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame and in 2010 he was inducted in to the International Swimming Hall of Fame.