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Turkish Lycian Way

From: £770
May-October 2015 | 7 Days | Coastal & Island Hopping
This trip features some stunning crossings and fantastic coastal swims. Also featured are swims over the ruins deposited on the sea bed by numerous earthquakes as we follow the Lycian Way, Turkey's premier coastal journey.

Montenegrin Riviera

From: £760
June-September 2015 | 7 Days | Coastal & Island Hopping
Explore the young country of Montenegro with an exciting and varied tour exploring the Montenegrin coastline, historic old towns, white stone fishing villages and secluded coves and bays. Uniquely, we spend the week swimming in different types of water as we explore lakes, rivers, seas and Europe’s most southerly fjord.

Croatian Dalmatian Coast

From: £730
June-October 2015 | 7 Days | Island Hopping
Based on the Island of Prvic that lies in the geographic centre of the Dalmatian coast, the 40 islands of the Šibenik archipelago are strung out like emeralds, set in the sapphire of the Adriati.

Tremiti Islands

From: £860
September-October 2015 | 7 Days | Coastal & Island Hopping, Race
The Tremiti are the only Italian islands in the Adriatic Sea and form part of the Gargano National Park. The archipelago is a natural marine reserve consisting of 5 islands; San Nicola (where most of the population live), San Domino (the largest), the uninhabited Capraia and the rocky outcrops of Cretacio and Pianosa. The water around these islands is crystal clear and teeming with sea life and the coastlines are dramtic and dotted with numerous caves, gorges and coves just waiting to be explored. The Tremiti are a shining example, being one of the only groups of Adriatic Islands with natural beauty, significant history and a lovely laid back holiday atmosphere.

Long Swims, Croatia

From: £750
July & September 2015 | 7 Days | Coastal & Island Hopping
The Croatia Long Swims trip offers daily swim distances longer than most of our trips. Based in the historic town of Sali, on the island of Dugi Otok, these swims explore the Karnati Natioanl Park, an archipelago of over 130 remote & often uninhabited island off the northern Dalmation Coast of Croatia.

Short Swims, Croatia

From: £750
June & August-September 2015 | 7 Days | Coastal & Island Hopping
This introductory trip explores the idyllic Croatian coastline, and the waters we swim in are part of the Telašcica and Kornati national parks. The swims are a combination of island hopping and coastal swims with distances averaging 3km a day and are designed for those who prefer shorter swim distances and would like more time to relax or have less open water experience.

Short Swims, Turkey

From: £850
July & September 2015 | 7 Days | Coastal & Island Hopping
This introductory trip offers a combination of both coastal swims and classic short crossings. Distances average around 2½-3km/day so is perfect for either the inexperienced open water swimmer or those who just prefer shorter daily swims.

Greek Sporades

From: £830
June-September 2015 | 7 Days | Coastal & Island Hopping
Our Greek Sporades swimming trip takes place in a remote part of the Aegean. Based in Europe’s largest Marine Park, the water is exquisite and the wildlife varied. You may even be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the rare Mediterranean Monk Seal.

Greek Cyclades

From: £830
May-October 2015 | 7 Days | Island Hopping
As the original SwimTrek, the Greek Cyclades tour offers the archetypal swimming holiday experience. Based in the waters around Naxos, the largest of the Cyclades, the area is ideal for Island Hopping in an area synonymous with some of the most beautiful beaches and water in the Mediterranean.

Big Lakes Eight

From: £640
July 2015 | 6 Days | Lake Hopping
This trip is a great way to see the entire Lakes District from within the lakes themselves. Come 'lake bagging' with us as we swim across & along the length of eight of the biggest lakes in the Lake District!

Sardinian Emerald Coast

From: £860
June-September 2015 | 7 Days | Coastal & Island Hopping
The Maddalena archipelago is a small group of seven islands which features crystal clear waters, pink sand, a series of coves and rocks, blue cliffs rising from deep sea beds and intense colours.

British Virgin Islands

From: £1340
March-April 2015 | 7 Days | Coastal & Island Hopping
Island hopping in the British Virgin Islands offers dramatic coastlines, superb water quality and some of the most beautiful islands anywhere in the Caribbean.

Milos Explorer

From: £770
July 2015 | 7 Days | Coastal & Island Hopping
Milos is one of the islands in the Greek Cyclades. It is famous for its volcanic coastline dotted with more than 100 sea caves & multi-coloured tunnels and arches just waiting to be swum into and explored! It also has golden beaches which make ideal stopping off points.

The Crete Escape

From: £650
May & October 2015 | 7 Days | Coastal
The Crete Escape is especially designed for those swimmers who are looking for the opportunity to swim in gorgeous Greek waters in the morning and then enjoy the Greek sun in other ways in the afternoon! Whether it be taking the chance to relax on the surrounding idyllic beaches or, for those looking for an action packed week, there are a host of other activities that can be enjoyed from Paleochora.

Baja Peninsula, Mexico

From: £1090
November 2015 | 7 Days | Coastal & Island Hopping
Each day we swim along craggy rocks and cliffs, past sandy beaches, through remote coves and from island to island. The swims take place around the Islands in the sea of Cortez off the Baja California peninsula. The Baja tour includes all meals while staying on Espiritu Santo Island, with local chefs providing fresh food everyday.

Volcanic Coast,Tenerife

From: £760
March & November 2015 | 6 Days | Coastal
The perfect trip to swim off those winter blues and give your open water swimming the spring it needs in time for the summer season. The Canary Islands subtropical climate makes for ideal conditions as we explore the stunning volcanic coastline and black sand beaches.

St Kitts and Nevis

From: £780
April 2015 | 5 Days | Race, Coastal
Located in the Caribbean sea some 80km west of Antigua are the small islands of Saint Kitts and Nevis. Nevis, our base for this trip, is the smaller and is one of the most unspoilt and relaxing islands in the Caribbean. Vividly green with blue skies, clean air and long empty beaches, Nevis has a genteel pace of life that encourages you to stop and appreciate the natural beauty around you. On this trip we will be exploring it's coastlines and that of it's neighbour St Kitts as well as taking part in the Nevis to St Kitts Cross Channel swim race on Sunday 5th April.