By host on 15 April 2014

SwimTrek Guest, Patrick Smith regularly writes for his 1,000 KMs to Windermere blog and has written a piece about his experience on our Channel and Long Distance Training trip in Mallorca.

(Re-posted from - http://1000kmstowindermere.wordpress.com/2014/04/11/swimtrek-summary/)

By host on 14 March 2014

Ricky has now spent two years with us as one of our most popular guides and as he is about to head into his third season in Greece he gives us the low down of why it is the one country that always keeps him coming back for more.

By host on 12 March 2014

Swimming is not about brute strength or fighting your way through the water. It’s about finesse, keeping it smooth. SwimTrek Coach, Dan Abel talks about the importance of pre-season training.

By host on 21 February 2014

We have always known that SwimTrekkers love an adventure and whether it is a crossing between remote islands or swimming into isolated bays, we have also listened to your feedback and in time for 2014 we're excited to offer a bigger range of destinations and trip types than ever before.


By host on 04 February 2014

SwimTrek founder Simon Murie is a regular feature in the H2Open Magazine introducing readers to iconic swims from around the world. This month Simon reviews an event with biblical connections in the world’s lowest freshwater lake, the Sea of Galilee.

By host on 30 January 2014

SwimTrek operations assistant Laura Sajnog headed to the pool over the winter to test three lap counting watches, the Garmin Swim, Pool Mate HR and Pool Mate. Read the SwimTrek review here.

By host on 18 December 2013


SwimTrek guide Ricky Andrews took a dip in Brighton Sea to test two GPS devices aimed at the swimming and open water market, the Garmin Forerunner 910XT and the Finis Hydro Tracker. Read the SwimTrek review here.

By host on 30 October 2013

Simon Murie is a regular feature in the H2Open Magazine introducing readers to iconic swims and the October/November issue is no different as Simon leads us to the Gulf of Corryvreckan. The iconic swim crosses the waters that is home to the Worlds third largest whirlpool.

By host on 30 October 2013

Sighting is an essential skill for open water swimming and as the winter draws in it is the perfect time to practice in the pool ready for your 2014 season. We are pleased to share our tips and training drills to help you in the right direction.

By host on 30 October 2013

SwimTrek celebrated 10 years of pioneering swim holidays at the End of Season Party earlier this month.