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SwimTrek Partnerships - USMS (United States Masters Swimmers)

We're so excited to announce we're working in partnership with USMS. As the largest organised bodies for post-18 swimmers in the US, we’re thrilled to be involved with those who love swimming, keep this a part of their routine with regular training sessions and people who love to travel to get their swimming fix at events around the country.

USMS is America’s national member non-profit that covers both pool and open water swimming for adult swimmers. They organise sanctioned events, provide insurance for its members and produce their own Swimmer magazine. They provide direct support to master’s clubs around the country, including having coaches, written workouts and feedback and facilitating pool sessions. Whether you’re competing, swimming for fitness or perhaps dipping your toes into adult swimming through triathlon, USMS can help support your swimming ambitions. We think that the fantastic help and assistance that the organisation provides swimmers with is great for supporting people to keep enjoying the sport well into their adult years. Many of our SwimTrek guests and HQ staff take part in regular master’s sessions and so we’re very happy to be a part of our swimmers journey’s outside of our trips!

As part of our partnership, we’ll be attending USMS events across America; swimming with other passionate master’s members and travelling through swimming! You’ll also be able to see us in their bimonthly Swimmer magazine and sharing posts on both our social media channels and USMS’s.

Our partnership with USMS is running throughout 2019 and into 2020. We look forward to meeting you at events throughout the year!