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Refer A Friend

Earn £50 credit for yourself and a new SwimTrekker when you refer friends and family!

What better way to share the swim love?

For the first time ever, we're giving you the opportunity to share your SwimTrek with a friend and receive a limited offer - £50 credit for new swimmers ready to hit the open water with us.

If that wasn't enough, we will also give another £50 credit to the referring loyal SwimTrekker as well.

Give £50. Earn £50. It's really that simple.

So, here's your incentive:

• £50 for the new referred SwimTrekker on Discover level Coaching Camp or Short Swims variant trips

• £50 for the loyal referring SwimTrekker

• You could earn up to £2500 max if you recommend up to 50 swimmers


Use code: 'RFSWIM2023'

How It Works

The Basics

Our friendly Customer Team will manually apply credit to the new booking after the unique code 'RFSWIM2023' is added into the 'special requirements' section of their booking - so long as the existing guest who refers that friend has a previous booking on their SwimTrek account. Please be aware you don't have to travel together.

Who Is Eligible?

To be eligible for the offer, the friend you refer must also fit the following criteria:

• They have never done a SwimTrek of any type before

• They must be booking onto either an Introduction To Open Water or Open Water Development coaching camp. Alternatively, your chosen swimmer can join any of our Short Swims itineraries

For Loyal SwimTrekkers

You must have previously travelled with us. Then you can share the referral scheme, applicable trips and code (RFSWIM2023) with as many SwimTrekkers as you can. Once your chosen newbies have booked an applicable trip, they then share their booking ID with you as the one who referred them

• If you have already booked for 2023 – contact the Customer Team and we can apply the £50 credit towards your chosen swimmer's booking. You will need to email with the booking id of the new guest(s)

• If you haven't yet booked - you must include the new guest's booking id and the unique code (RFSWIM2023) within your 'special requirements'. After that the SwimTrek Customer Team will apply a £50 credit to your final balance.

For New SwimTrekkers

• Receive a message from a friend encouraging you to book for the first time onto a SwimTrek holiday

• Book onto an applicable trip. When doing so, include the code (RFSWIM2023) in our 'special requirements' section, or quote it to the Customer Team. The £50 will then be applied for your final balance

Swims are always better when shared - that’s why we're excited to bring you this limited offer to introduce friends and family to the unique thrill of swimming outdoors!

All of us continue to benefit as this already thriving community grows and spreads across the globe. Please accept this special £50 gift offer as our way of saying: "Thank you!"

For more information, please refer to our Terms And Conditions page.


Offer valid from 24 August, 2023

Offer valid to 12 December, 2023