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Susan Reynolds @susan_reynolds



SwimTrek Miles


Swim history before SwimTrek I took up open water swimming when I was 13 years old in the lochs in Scotland and represented my country as a junior. After having had a break from swimming for a few years I began working as a beach lifeguard, renewing my love of the water and gaining a new found love of the sea and other water sports including surfing, stand up paddle boarding and surf life saving. I am also a National Tutor for Surf Lifesaving GB Locations guided on Gozo, Malta Dalmation Coast Croatia Lake Bled, Slovenia Greek Cyclades Hellespont Burgh Island River Thames Sardinian Emerald Coast Mallorca training camps Sicilly Most memorable swim moment Dawn swim from Bay Bridge to Aquatic park in San Fransisco. We started the swim just before light broke and watched San Fransisco wake up from the water. Thank you to the ladies at SERC's for taking me on this journey. Top swimming tip Any time spent in the water is good time, so don't get disheartened if your swim isn't going to well. Approach it from a different angle and instead of forcing yourself to do the 4 km you were planning change it to a time goal or focus on your technique. When open water swimming always always always know what the water is doing before you get in!! This will help you to plan your route and help to keep you safe. Interesting fact I have delivered calves and lambs, hatched chickens and ducks and been in a stand off with a bull!

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