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New Swimming Holidays in 2018

Komodo National Park - Indonesia

Join us on this brand new SwimTrek adventure in 2018 as we explore the breathtaking waters and abundant marine life in and around Komodo National Park. This unique liveaboard swimming holiday in Indonesia represents SwimTrek at its pioneering best as we discover unforgettable swimming routes which have never been completed before.

7 days
Jun, Jul
From £2,100

Montenegro Fjords Long Swims

Take the opportunity to discover even more of Montenegro’s natural beauty on this extended long swims holiday based in the picturesque Bay of Kotor. This unique adventure offers you the chance to swim in a variety of water types, from fjords and lakes to rivers and and the sea, as you experience the country’s stunning scenery and welcoming culture.

7 days
SwimTrek Classic
From £950

Emerald Coast Long Swims - Sardinia

Join us on the extended long swims version of our ever-popular swimming holiday in Sardinia as we explore the beautiful waters and stunning coastlines of the islands which make up the Maddalena archipelago. Our longer swims give you a wonderful opportunity to discover even more of one of Italy’s most picturesque locations.

7 days
SwimTrek Classic
From £1,190

Dalmatian Coast Long Swims - Croatia

Discover the beautiful waters of Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast on this long swims open water swimming holiday in the spectacular Sibenik Archipelago. With literally hundreds of islands to explore, many of which are uninhabited, our longer swims give you the perfect chance to push yourself a little further while exploring more of this breathtaking corner of the world.

7 days
SwimTrek Classic
From £940