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Tour Highlights

  • Explore the bays, inlets and majestic waters of Telašcica lagoon.

  • Swim under the famous Stene Cliffs, the biggest in the Adriatic.

  • Visit some of the most isolated islands in the Adriatic Sea.

  • Enjoy the crystal clear blue waters of the Kornati National Park.

This introductory trip explores the idyllic Croatian coastline, and is located on the historic island of Sali. The swims are a combination of island hopping and coastal swims with distances averaging 2.5km a day and are designed for those who prefer shorter swim distances and would like more time to relax or have less open water experience.

Take this trip and visit the Croatian islands of Dugi Otok, Sali,

During the tour you will visit some of the most isolated islands in the Adriatic Sea including Zlarin which has been inhabited for 700 years and where cars are banned. Many of the islands visited on the tour are uninhabited and their natural beauty is untouched.

On this trip you can swim below the magestic Stene cliffs, the largest cliffs in the Adriactic Sea. After enjoying the crystal blue waters of the Kornati Park, venture into the exquisite waters of the Telascica lagoon and explore its many bays and inlets.

What's included?

  • Fully guided swimming holiday in Croatia
  • Fully guided tour with full safety escort for the number of days specified in the tour summary
  • swim guiding
  • technique analysis
  • accommodation
  • breakfast and lunch.

What's not included?

The prices do not include:

  • Travel to and from the start of the tour.
  • Evening meal

Day 1

After your arrival at the Sali Hotel you will have a chance to relax before meeting in the early evening at the hotel for a pre-trip briefing in which the details of the week's plans will be discussed in detail. Following this we will hold a brief acclimatisation swim.

Day 2

The first full day of our trip involves a nice, relaxed swim starting directly in front of our hotel. From here we head west along the coast to the small fishing village of Zaglav. This swim is an excellent way to both follow the coast as well as the sea floor which is only a few metres underneath you.

After we have lunch on the boat in a secluded bay, we commence with a stroke improvement session, where we will video your stroke, both above and below the water. After filming, we continue with our coastal journey from Zaglav. Towards the end of the swim we carry out our first island hop of the trip as we cross the 400m channel separating Dugo Otok from the picturesque island of Krknata. It's an ideal day to ease into the trip. On arrival back at the hotel, it's time to relax before we meet later over drinks to playback the video analysis with our expert coaches.

Day 3

This is a day of 2 island hops as we cross from our base island of Dugi Otok and literally swim into the Kornati National Park as we arrive onto the island of Abav, an uninhabited island with crystal clear water. After time for lunch and some snorkelling from the boat, it's back into the water as we swim across to the main island of Kornati. You can see the bottom most of the way and the underwater views are stunning as we arrive into Bošci Bay.

Day 4

Today, we start off with a walk across Dugi Otok and into the wonderful Telašcica Bay, an 8km long protected bay which is home to over 25 bays and 5 islands. The walk is pleasant and gives excellent views of a number of our upcoming swims. We arrive into the isolated hamlet of Magrovica from where we start our first swim of the day carrying along the coast until we arrive into Jaz Bay. From here we put our walking shoes back on as we trek down the Priseka Peninsula and arrive at Lake Mir, a saltwater lake cut off from the sea by a narrow barrier of rock. We are then taken back to the hotel where the afternoon is at your leisure and gives you a chance to either relax by the sea, go into the town of Sali or head further afield.

Day 5

We travel by boat to the famous "Stene" of Dugi Otok, a dramatic series of cliffs (the biggest in the Adriatic) on the open sea side of Telašcica Bay. The cliffs are home to the nesting sites of Peregrine Falcons and Eleonora's Falcons. The swimming here is superb as we can see the cliffs fall to the ocean floor beneath. This is one of the undoubted highlights of the trip.

We have lunch in one of the isolated bays along this coastline. The afternoon is spent swimming along the Priseka Peninsula, which is a total contrast compared to the morning's swims as we come across more bays and coves in an otherwise flatter landscape.

Day 6

Our final full day takes us back to the Kornati National Park and to the island after which the National Park is named. The barren lunar landscape of this island is undoubtedly memorable. We start our swim from Lupešcina Bay and head initially along the coast taking in Statival Bay before we strike out and head for the island of Zut, Croatia's largest uninhabited island.

Day 7

A relaxed start, as we swim from in front of the hotel and make our way around the Sali headland. It's a short swim to end a fantastic week of swimming in this land of a myriad of islands!

Swimming Caveat

Swimming in the sea is a fantastic experience, but you need to be aware of certain marine life such as jellyfish, sea urchins and coral. These could be present during a swim, so in all cases we will work on minimising their occurrence. In the event you are stung by jellyfish, in most cases you can normally carry on swimming. However, if you do have a problem, we can assess/treat the affected area immediately on the escort boat. If this area continues to cause discomfort and/or becomes infected during or after the tour, you should seek medical attention immediately explaining the nature of the cause. Please ensure you contact us prior to booking if you suffer from Anaphylaxis.

For obvious safety reasons we rely on decent weather conditions when carrying out any swims. As a consequence, open water swimming does require an inherent degree of on-trip flexibility, so required changes in the planned itinerary will not be uncommon and will undoubtedly add to the uniqueness of each tour.

Trip Schedule

Start Point:


Hotel Sali, Dugi Otok (

+385 23 377 049 Mob: +385 98 9255 914

Start Time: 6pm on Day 1
Finish Point: Hotel Sali, Dugi Otok
Finish Time: 11am on Day 7

Trip Information

Swimming Distances

Swim Distances
Sali - Zaglav 1km
Zaglav - Krkana 1.5km
Vidilica - Abav 1km
Abax - Kornati 1.5km
Telascica Bay 2km
Stene Cliff Coastal 2km
Priseka Peninsula 1.5km
Kornati Coastal 2km
Kornati - Zut 1.5km
Sali Headland 1km


Month Water Temp (°C) Air Temp (°C)
July 24 28
August 25 34
September 24 32

These temperatures are indicative only and can change on a daily/weekly basis

Walking Distances

There are 2 main walks on this trip, both of which are around 4kms long on walking tracks across the island of Dugi Otok. If you don't wish to do any of the walks you remain on board our main escort boat. We would advise that appropriate walking shoes are worn for all walks.

Equipment to bring along with you

In addition to “normal” daily clothes, you will need to bring the following:

  • Swimming Costume (2 of)
  • Sweater/Fleece
  • Swimming Goggles (2 of)*
  • Towel
  • Sun Hat
  • Walking shoes
  • Small Daypack
  • Waterproof Sun Cream
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Aqua Shoes/Sandals

*It is advisable to have a pair of tinted goggles to cater for the sun’s glare off the sea during swims.

Please note that SwimTrek will supply swim hats. If you think you will want to use a wetsuit, flippers or a rash vest, we recommend you bring these with you in order to maximise your enjoyment of the trip.

If you think you would benefit from a wetsuit but don't want to commit to buying one outright you are now able to hire a wetsuit for £40 through the company Vigour Events. They will send the wetsuit directly to your door. For further information please click here.
Group Size

This trip has a maximum group size of 15 people. The group will be split into 3 based on speed. Each group is accompanied by their own safety escort/vessel.

Practical Information

Getting There

We recommend flying to Split and catching the SwimTrek designated transfer from the airport to Zadar ferry port. The transfer takes around 1.5 hours with costs changing depending on the number of travellers:

3 Passengers (minimum required) €50 per person
4-5 Passengers €40
6-11 Passengers €30
12+ Passengers €20

The transfer departs at 12:30, meeting morning flights from various UK, Irish and German airports.

The transfer will arrive in Zadar in time for the 15:30 ferry. You will need to purchase your ferry ticket (40 Kuna) at the ticket office prior to boarding the ferry.

Alternative Public Transport Options from Split Airport to Zadar Port

Split to Trogir

Once outside the airport terminal building, make your way to the far side of the car park. The number 37 bus leaves here and will take you to Trogir where it will terminate at the main bus station (buses leave every 30 minutes). The fare is approximately 15 Kuna (£1.50) and the journey will take 10 minutes.

Trogir to Zadar

Change at Trogir Bus Station for the bus to Zadar. The fare from Trogir to Zadar should be around 150 Kuna (£15) and the journey should take around 2 hours. On arrival into Zadar bus station you should catch a taxi to the port, which is about 10 mins away.

Ferry from Zadar to Sali

There are 4 sailings with G&V Line on each day. On both Friday and Saturday the sailings are as follows:

05:30 10:00 15:30 20:00

Journey time is around 1 hour. You will need to purchase your ferry ticket at the ticket office prior to getting on the ferry.

Return Ferries from Sali to Zadar are at:

06:25 11:20 (via Zaglav) 16:25 20:55

Full details on ferry timings can be found at

It is also possible to fly directly to Zadar although flights are irregular, however if you are planning to spend time in Croatia before and after the SwimTrek tour this is a good option.

Public Transport Option from Zadar Airport to Zadar Port

The airport bus departs in front of the international terminal. Driving time to the port of Zadar is approximately 20 minutes. The bus stops at the main bus station and then continues to the old town and port. The price for a one way ticket with the airport bus is around 10 Kuna (£1) and tickets can be bought on the bus. Alternatively a taxi to Zadar port should cost around 85 Kuna (£8.50)


There are a number of scheduled services to and from various British and European cities.

For details on all airlines into Split and Zadar visit:

Split Scheduled Flights (selections):

Easyjet (Gatwick, Stansted, Bristol, Glasgow)

German Wings (Berlin, Stuttgart)

Croatia Airlines (various routes)

Details on all Split flights to be found at www.split-airport.he

Zadar Scheduled Flights (selections):

Ryan Air( Stansted, Manchester)

German Wings (Berlin, Stuttgart)

Details on all Zadar flights found at:

When booking flights we would always recommend checking prior to making a booking.


We are based at the Hotel Sali for the duration of the trip. It sits in a tranquil bay with views of the mainland. This simple accommodation is ideally placed for a week of open water swimming. All rooms are based on twin-share and all have en-suite facilities.

( Single supplements will apply and there is limited availability)


All breakfasts and lunches are included, except lunch on day 4 when you will have the afternoon off.

Dinner are not included, but this gives availability to choose where, when and with whom you would like to dine. We do often dine out together as a group during the evenings.

Extra Expenses

You should bring extra money with you to cover such items as entertainment, dinner, souvenirs, etc. The local currency is Croatian Kuna. There is a cash machine on the island but it is advised to draw some local currency out before arriving just in case. You can also exchange currency at the hotel. Most resturaunts will need to be paid in cash and allow around 180 Kuna per day but this will vary depending on the person.

Passports and Visas

You require a full passport, that should be valid for 6 months beyond the expected length of stay. You should check if you require a visa. Most nationalities including EU, US, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand citizens do not require a visa to enter Croatia. Visa regulations do change. Please check!


There are no essential vaccination requirements for Croatia, but you should ensure that your tetanus and polio are up to date.

  • For me this week was the best experience I have made since quite a long time. Everything was perfect, the group, the guides, the swims... I will definitely do it again.

    Hilke L. Germany - 2015
  • Going on a SwimTrek trip was a total surprise for me, and I wasn't sure how I'd manage - but I did! It was such a great experience, I would do it again and again....

    Sarah K. USA - 2015
  • I visited beautiful places and swam in water that I otherwise would never have found without SwimTrek.

    Clare V. Australia - 2015
  • A wonderful holiday, with great support and guidance from the guides & boat captain - and my swimming has improved!

    Anne L. UK - 2015
  • I don't really know how to say how much I enjoyed this trip. I am so glad that I went and enjoyed such an amazing experience with lovely people. I will definitely be coming back for more.

    Katharine. UK - 2015
  • A wonderful holiday, with great support and guidance from the guides & boat captain - and my swimming has improved!

    Anne L. UK - 2015
  • I absolutely surprised myself in how far I could swim day after day, and really enjoyed the whole week.

    Mark C. 2015 - Australia
  • A great holiday, met some lovely some people and my swimming has improved!

    Aine L, 2014, UK
  • This trip was a great introduction to open water swimming in a spectacular setting.

    Jim P, 2014 UK
  • The most enjoyable trip ever! Great swims, great company, and fantastic guides made this solo trip one I'll hold in my heart for a lifetime!

    Stephen D. 2014 - UK
  • I have done similar trips with biking, hiking or horse riding. The quality of instructors, their care and attention was outstanding. well done everything!

    Sue C, 2014 - Australia
  • As a novice open water swimmer - I'm more a 'bobbing about with otters' sort of girl - I found the trip both highly enjoyable and also challenging. The support was first class and I felt encouraged to push my own boundaries. I would definitely recommend SwimTrek to other people.

    Julie M, September 2012, UK
  • A really safe yet enjoyably challenging and non-competitive experience which wets the appetite for another SwimTrek trip with longer swims.

    Nick W-S, August 2012, UK
  • Croatia short swims has got me hooked on SwimTrek. I can't imagine having a "normal" holiday ever again!

    Gemma F, May 2012, Germany

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