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Swimming Holidays in Scotland

Scotland is the perfect setting for the swimmer who love the crisp, refreshing waters of the Lochs. Dive in with us as we set sail in search of the best swimming holidays in the North of the British Isles.

For the trekker who loves to get stuck in, join us aboard the Lady of Avenel, a traditional Brigantine square rigged ship measuring at over 100ft. For the adventurous type, our Outer Hebrides tour sees us explore the many isles that make up this island chain. Or perhaps the Inner Hebrides where you'll experience the combination of coastal, crossings and circumnavigations, and spending the entirety of your week living aboard the seas. And to challenge yourself, try a crossing of the Gulf of Corryvreckan, where we traverse the third largest whirlpool in the world.

Gulf of Corryvreckan - Scotland

Take part in one of Scotland’s most iconic open water swims across the fabled Gulf of Corryvreckan. Situated to the north of Jura and lying just off Scarba’s southern shore, the Gulf is transformed into a whirlpool during both flood and ebb tides as the sea surrounds a pinnacle that rises to within 30 metres of the surface.

1 day
Day Trip
Jul, Aug
From £150

Outer Hebrides - Scotland

Join us on two significant swimming expeditions, as we aim to traverse all of the 15 islands that make up the length of the Scottish Outer Hebrides from Lewis in the North to Berneray in the South. The Lady of Avenel, our vessel for the entirety of the trip, is a 102ft Brigantine square rigged ship. This will be one epic cruise and an exciting platform for adventure swimming and sailing alike.

8 days
2018 dates coming soon...

Inner Hebrides - Scotland

Join us on an unforgettable expedition through some of the most stunning scenery in the British Isles in Scotland’s breathtaking Inner Hebrides. Staying on the 102-foot tall ship, the ‘Lady of Avenel’, this swimming adventure offers a unique opportunity to explore the dramatic landscapes of this picturesque corner of the world.

7 days
2018 dates coming soon...