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Slick swimming - Fran in Montenegro. Part 2.

By Fran Maitland , 09 July, 2016

Breakfast was again a feast, especially the Montenegran style donuts. Our host was very pleased with the glowing comments and has promised pancakes tomorrow! Lucky we're swimming.

Down to the boat and Captain Pietro welcomed us on board and off we went to the little island we swam to yesterday. It was hot, so we were rather sorry we hadn't swum there again. The church is a lovely little Chapel called "Our Lady of the Rock" and was built in 1630 on an artificial island built by local fishermen.

We then swam about 2.5 km between the islands of Prevlaka, Sveti Marko and Gospa od Milosrda. Crossing from one little island to another is always exciting - the group swam together and we were very pleased with ourselves. Our 'Sister Act' Sam and Anya our ‘Tea Wallahs’ rewarded us with another cup of tea! They have become the tea experts and run a very slick operation aboard our little boat. No champagne for swimmers no matter how good!

We stopped near the white-stone village of Bjelila which gave swimmers time to relax while our guides Coll and The Pirate wore their chef hats and made a delicious lunch and then it was rest time! Draped on sun lounges we snoozed, though the more energetic swam or had a one on one lesson with The Pirate our guide.

We've all settled in to our little on board routines and our group are enjoying getting to know each other. And with getting to know each other the Nick Names are starting to take on a life of their own.

So off we set for our last glorious swim 2.5km swim of the day - along the coast and the pink led with 'the Mermaid' bobbing out the front. Synchronised swimmers eat your heart out, these swimmers are amazing.

I swam with ' Jackie Wills' - Sophie and we set a comfortable pace stopping for a sticky beak every now and then at some of the holiday homes set along the bay. Some lovely places to stay.

Back to The Palace for a quick change and off to Kotor for the evening with a few of the party people. The old town of Kotor is shiny, clean and definitely tourist friendly. Many big cruise boats come here for a day stop and I think the old town would be overrun. For us in the evening it was perfect.

We had a drink at one bar and moved onto a restaurant on the town wall. The waiter was a funny guy, dripping with perspiration and an eagerness to sell us one his fresh fish. He brought the trolley of fish out. We selected a lovely shiny eyed Dorata and he priced it well. Delicious.

Of course swimming works up an appetite so we moved onto a gelato then a night cap.

Arrived back at the Palace to find Jen swathed in bandages after a nasty fall on some steps resulting in a broken shoulder which will send her home. Poor Jen.

And so ends another great swimming day.


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