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Photo of the Month

Photo of the Month - May 2018

By Olivia Weatherill , 31 May, 2018

Our main summer season has just started and with that comes more amazing photos from our incredible guests on location! Our favourite picks for this month are below.

First place

Shaun enjoying a beautiful swim on our Lycian Way trip. eaae6b0d2cbfafdd0f2045f5a02c29b15af5c9b3_uploads_2Funprocessed_2F1525429662686-lprixbfg4te-73a9aa1f73042b1b2f5af5ee3aea45d3_2Fswimming_back_hils_good_image_3500.jpg

Second Place

The view of the towing boats in Oman 01.jpg

Third Place

Ben's snap after completing a hike in Montenegro to capture a stunning shot of the Bay of Kotor 3be936f9-9311-43c4-bb83-b4cfced3198b.jpeg

Fourth Place

A swimmer taking in the incredible views in the Galapagos Galapagos-Islands-SwimTrek-0154.jpg

Fifth Place

Nat taking in the view of Perast before diving in! IMG_1213.jpg

If you would like to submit any entries for June's photo of the month competition, please send them to

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