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British Virgin Islands Bridging the Generation Gap

By SwimTrek Team , 16 April, 2013

When Louise Twining Ward, who lives in Brooklyn, New York wanted to indulge her love of the big blue by going on a SwimTrek swimming holiday to the British Virgin Islands she faced a dilemma. Her children (12 and 14) are too young to join and her husband is a more of a dry-land sort of chap.

Louise’s mother Kay Johnson had the answer: “I’d love to come!” Kay had lived on the small two acre Island, Marine Cay, in the Caribbean during the 1960s so when Louise asked if her Mum would like to join her, Kay was thrilled and thought it would be a fabulous way to have some Mother - Daughter time and revisit some wonderful memories. Initially Kay booked as a non-swimmer as she thought that although her daughter would be suited to the swimming distances each day, Kay felt that it was out of reach for her even though she regularly swims 1km at her local pool at Prested Hall, Kelvedon.

That was until she reached the British Virgin Islands where upon seeing the stunning blue ocean and sunshine, Kay was converted and could not wait to get in. With the support of the SwimTrek guides Yves, Gary and Mike the boat pilot, Kay was encouraged and regularly swam with the group each day but getting out when she had enough.

This may not sound too remarkable, but when you consider that Kay was 84 (we did ask if we could mention this) on this, her first SwimTrek holiday, she has become our oldest ever SwimTrekker and proves that if you have the right attitude and have done the training for the trip you can achieve incredible things whatever your abilities.

“I can’t speak highly enough of the swim guides and I feel so lucky to have taken part in such a wonderful experience. I just hope other people are inspired by what I have done and have a fabulous time just as I did."

If you have thought about going on a SwimTrek holiday but thought you might not be good enough whatever your age, just book it, otherwise you could be missing the experience of a lifetime!

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